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Records: 101
ECP No.Impacted WBS ElementsControl AccountsECP TitleApproval DateChange LevelContingency Draw KContingency Draw Cum KCBB KContingency Remaining KECP StatusImpact - BL Sched Dur Change
11.7 7700Combine CA 770 and 7710 into one CA (7710) Direct Allocations4/25/20113 Project Manager$77317$16992Approved0
21.66100Move the baseline start date for task 6100-0041 to 12 April 20126/8/20113 Project Manager$77317$16992Approved0
31.6 6100Reduce man-hours on task 6100-001. Add this budget as M&S on task 6100-0049D.9/10/20113 Project Manager$77317$16992Approved0
41.1 1.2 1.8 1304 8200 8210 2420 24901- CA 1304 change to TF procurement (cost/schedule) 2- CA 8200 re-structured and split into two CA's (8200/8210) 3- Remove four tasks from NB Source CA 2420 4- Task accelaration11/10/20112 Federal Project Director$963$963$78280$16029Approved0
51.55501 5200 5000Update the Work Breakdown Structure/Dictionary in the Project Execution Plan to ensure that a single Control Account does not occur at more than one WBS element10/6/20113 Project Manager$963$78280$16029Approved0
61.7 1.87100 8200 8250Various changes to Control Accounts 7100 (move labor), 8200/8250 (delete WPs and convert to PPs)11/21/20113 Project Manager-$3$960$78277$16032Approved0
71.5 5000 Convert task 531-005 held in Planning Package to discrete tasks11/30/20113 Project Manager$960$78277$16032Approved0
81.8 8200 8210 Move budget/task (8200-0017A) for purchase of two welding machines from oversight job (8210) to field work job (8200). Change EVT to % Complete.12/2/20113 Project Manager$960$78277$16032Approved0
91.3 3300 Control Account 3300: Convert WP 3300-125 EVT from Planning Package to % complete.12/13/20113 Project Manager$960$78277$16032Approved0
101.5 5000Convert EVT for activity 531-013 to % complete1/13/20123 Project Manager$960$78277$16032Approved0
111.1 1002Control Account 1002. Add scope (cost/schedule) as shown on attached WAF to support reinforcement of passive plates. Change CA 1002 CAM to Neway Atnafu.1/23/20122 Federal Project Director$178$1138$78455$15854Approved0
121.1 1.2 1304 1305 2480Delete several unnecessary activities from CA 1304 Inner TF Bundle. Add several activities (cost/schedule) to CA 1305 to accomodate sandblast and prime of OH conductor. Reduce budget on task 2480-0057.2/7/20122 Federal Project Director-$11$1127$78444$15865Approved0
131.8 8200 8210 Move task 8200-0017 from Control Account 8210 to Control Account 8200.12/19/20113 Project Manager$1127$78444$15865Approved0
141.2 2485 Change the EVT for task 2485-0044A to C (% complete)1/9/20123 Project Manager$1127$78444$15865Approved0
151.1 1305Add activities (cost/schedule) to accomplish Aquapour test recommended at FDR2/22/20122 Federal Project Director$31$1158$78475$15834Approved0
161.2 2300Engineering and Analysis work to support adding compliance to the HHFW antennas. New CAM = Bob Ellis2 Federal Project Director$1158$78475$15834OPS Scope0
171.2 2425Neway Atnafu will replace Martin Denault as the Control Account Manager for Control Account 2425 BL Relocation.1/24/20123 Project Manager$1158$78475$15834Approved0
181.2 2450 Resource change for several activities in Control Account 2450, and a change to the start dates for several LOE tasks.1/26/20123 Project Manager-$10$1148$78465$15844Approved0
191.1 1.8 1301 8200 Move tasks for drilling additional holes in outer TF flags (tasks 1301-0300 and 1301-0310) from Control Account 1301 to Control Account 82002/21/20123 Project Manager$1148$78465$15844Approved0
201.2 2425 Change the start and finish dates for the three LOE tasks.2/21/20123 Project Manager-$6$1142$78459$15850Approved0
211.2 2425Replanning of work scope in Control Account 2425 to better fit project timing. Should equate to a slight budget reduction.3/12/20123 Project Manager-$51$1091$78408$15901Approved0
221.5 5200Re-planning of Control Account 5200 for Digital Coil Protection5/1/20122 Federal Project Director$27$1118$78435$15874Approved0
231.2 2440Transfer responsibility of Control Account Manager (CAM) from Martin Denault to Mark Cropper for Control Account 2440 2nd NBI Beamline2/24/20123 Project Manager$1118$78435$15874Approved0
241.1 1307Replace task 1307-2030 Fabricate CS Casing with five (5) new tasks consistent with contract award3/28/20122 Federal Project Director$409$1527$78844$15465Approved0
251.2 1.8 2475 8200In Control Account 2475 add steps to the schedule for EPICS timing and Control Interface. In Control Account 8200: Delete task 8200-0102C4/2/20122 Federal Project Director$122$1649$78966$15343Approved0
261.1 1.7 1.8 1001 7100 8250Change M&S budget on tasks 1001-0066 and 1001-0066F in Control Account 1001. Also this ECP increases FY2012 resources for Control Account 7100 (Project Management & Integration).Delete redundant tasks from Control Acct. 8250. 3/21/20122 Federal Project Director$210$1859$79176$15133Approved0
271.1 1.8 5000 1302 1304 1305 1307 8200Update (replanning) of Control Accounts 1302, 1304, 1305, 1307 including additional tasks and updated resources. Delete Planning Package 8200-PP01A; work not required.5/1/20122 Federal Project Director$22$1881$79198$15111Approved0
281.7 7300In Control Account 7300 - Delete task 7300-13 Support of OPA Review3/27/20123 Project Manager-$86$1795$79112$15197Approved0
29Milestone PEPIn PEP: Re-define Level II milestone change ref "Friction stir weld coil leads..." In Project Schedule: Re-define activity 1070 to read:RECEIVE FIRST DELIVERY MACHINED INNER TF CONDUCTOR - 30 JUN 20124/3/20122 Federal Project Director$1795$79112$15197Approved0
301.7 7300In Control Account 7300 (NB2 Management) delete activity 7300-22.5/2/20122 Federal Project Director-$86$1709$79026$15283Approved0
311.2 1.1 2490 1002 2440CA: 1002 Add drafting support CA: 2440 Delete tasks for exit spool piece CA: 2490 Add drafting support and tasks for locating TMP rack on 119' platform5/23/20122 Federal Project Director-$165$1544$78861$15448Approved0
32 Not used$1544$78861$154480
331.1 1.7 1000 7710In Control Account 1000 increase the Title III Analysis Support task (LOE) to 900 man hours/FY. This equates to 75 hrs/mo from June 2012 through September 2014. Reduce FY12 and FY13 HP Allocation task in Control Account 7710.6/14/20122 Federal Project Director$258$1803$79120$15189Approved0
341.1 1304Change the EVT for several tasks in CA 1304 from 0-100 to % complete. The thought was that milestone payments would be made; however, accruals have been taken based on completion of work and we want to ensure we earn the appropriate value. 6/8/20123 Project Manager$1803$79120$15189Approved0
351.1 1305In Control Account 1305 task 1304-1510 had baseline dates of 2Oct12 through 19Sept13. With the early start of fabrication this task requires date changes to Start: 1May2012 through Finish: 31Aug2012.6/21/20122 Federal Project Director-$2$1801$79118$15191Approved0
361.1 1304In Control Account 1304 Subcontract S011001 was amended to have Major Tool straighten some of the conductors. This task added an additional $66,260.00 to the contract. This change will add this additional cost in task 1304-1000.6/21/20122 Federal Project Director$66$1867$79184$15125Approved0
371.1 1001 Protective measures for the PF-1C coil canister.7/20/20122 Federal Project Director$464$2332$79649$14660Approved0
38 Not Used3 Project Manager$2332$79649$14660Not yet submitted for Approval0
391.1 1300 1301 1305 4100Additional budget to jobs in CA's 1300, 1301 and 1305. Resources are needed for these tasks that were not previously budgeted.6/26/20122 Federal Project Director$689$3021$80338$13971Approved0
401.4 6100 Physics (Stefan) identified new workscope for Diagnostics. This ECP represents the portion of that which Central I&C can service.$3021$80338$13971OPS Scope0
411.5 5000PF1 feed changes2 Federal Project Director$3021$80338$13971OPS Scope0
421.8 8210Reschedule and re-budget task 8200-0012D "Reinstallation Oversight".7/3/20122 Federal Project Director$159$3180$80497$13812Approved0
431.8 1.2 8200 2490Additional tasks for Control Accounts 8200 and 2490. Delete 3 tasks from CA 2490.7/30/20122 Federal Project Director$178$3358$80675$13634Approved0
441.2 2425 The HVAC duct over the door between the TFTR and NSTX Test Cells was removed to allow the move of the second neutral beam into the NTC. When this duct is permanently re-installed it should be mounted higher on the wall so it will not interfere with future use of this doorway.7/16/20122 Federal Project Director$3358$80675$13634Not yet submitted for Approval0
451.1 1300 1301 1302 1304 1305 1306 1307Re-estimating of remaining Center Stack Work8/15/20122 Federal Project Director$1466$4824$82141$12168Approved0
461.1 1001Delete tasks 1001-0078 and 1001-0082 in Control Account 1001. These two tasks are redundant.7/24/20122 Federal Project Director-$43$4782$82099$12210Approved0
471.1 1.2 1.3 2450 2480 3200Change Control Account Manager (CAM) for several jobs: 2450: from Denault to Neway Atnafu 2480: from Denault to Bill Blanchard 3200: from Denault to Neway Atnafu 8/8/20123 Project Manager$4782$82099$12210Approved0
481.1 1200 Updated estimated costs are more than original budget for several tasks. Request additional budget.8/20/20122 Federal Project Director$169$4951$82268$12041Approved0
491.5 5501 1200Additional scope (cost/schedule) for Control Account 5501 analysis tasks and additional oversight/documentation time for Control Account 120010/5/20122 Federal Project Director$497$5448$82765$11544Approved0
501.6 6100 Add additional budget to oversight task 6100-00009/4/20122 Federal Project Director$38$5486$82803$11506Approved0
511.1 1305Add activity 1305-0003 to re-design and manufacture flanges for the TF Quadrant Mold that will allow for complete closure and sealing of the mold7/19/20122 Federal Project Director$10$5496$82813$11496Approved0
521.2 2480Convert Planning Package 2480-0076 to discrete activities8/28/20123 Project Manager$5496$82813$11496Approved0
531.2 2440Delete tasks 2440-0014 and 2440-0024 from Control Account 24409/19/20122 Federal Project Director-$125$5371$82688$11621Approved0
541.2 2490Delete tasks 24910470 and 24910480 from Control Account 24909/24/20122 Federal Project Director-$36$5335$82652$11657Approved0
551.4 4500Add scope for analysis/design/fabrication/installation of tFIDA12/4/20122 Federal Project Director$192$5527$82844$11465Approved0
561.2 2440 2475 Delete unnecessary task from Control Account 2440. In Control Account 2475 add steps to the schedule for LCC & Low Voltage Power Supply refurbishment. In Control Account 2475 add steps to the schedule for Display Software up-grade.10/19/20122 Federal Project Director$59$5586$82903$11406Approved0
571.8 8200Install 6 small ports on NSTX Vacuum Vessel12/4/20122 Federal Project Director$97$5683$83000$11309Approved0
581.2 1.1 2460 1001For Control Account 1001 the contract for the machining for Batch 1 of the PFCs came in under budget by ~$90K. For Control Account 2460 there is an increase in job scope12/4/20122 Federal Project Director-$31$5651$82968$11341Approved0
591.1 1001 Move BL start date for task 1001-0066F to 12/3/2012 while task is being re-planned.11/12/20123 Project Manager$5651$82968$11341Approved0
601.2 2450 The baseline budget for Control Account 2450 is not sufficient to perform the remaining work scope. This ECP will be used to cover the difference between the cost estimate for the remaining work and the original budget.1/24/20132 Federal Project Director$221$5872$83189$11120Approved0
611.1 1305 1304Add tasks to cover additional work on TF quadrant mold and to perform an in-line braze test (OH). Change BL dates on two other tasks.12/17/20122 Federal Project Director$14$5886$83203$11106Approved0
621.8 1.7 8200 8210 7300 7200For Control Account 8200/8210 - add re-work of parts received from other WBS elements. Delete two tasks from Management Job 7300 and one task from Management Job 7200.12/20/20122 Federal Project Director$240$6126$83443$10866Approved0
631.5 5200Change BL start and finish dates on the Water PLC portion of the DCPS (5200) job.12/10/20122 Federal Project Director$2$6128$83445$10864Approved0
641.5 5501 Control Account 5501 has been assigned to a new CAM. The CAM has overhauled the schedule which requires additional budget. All tasks that are currently "in-progress" will be stopped as of the end of February 2013 and the new schedule will be used moving forward.3/29/20132 Federal Project Director$319$6448$83765$10544Not yet submitted for Approval0
651.5 5501Change Control Account Manager (CAM) on Control Account 5501 Coil Bus Runs to Neway Atnafu12/20/20123 Project Manager$6448$83765$10544Approved0
661.1 1002 Passive plate re-inforcement1/24/20132 Federal Project Director$197$6644$83961$10348Approved0
671.2 2490Remove several activities from Control Account 2490 which are no longer required since the SPRED diagnostic will not be re-installed1/31/20132 Federal Project Director-$60$6584$83901$10408Approved0
681.1 1302 1305 1306Correct baseline dates for various future Critical Path activities to make them consistent with the baseline schedule and milestones. Also, replan activity 1306-5050 for the PF coil procurement.1/17/20132 Federal Project Director$18$6602$83919$10390Approved0
691.1 1001Reduce total budget on task 1001-0066F to $142,000 (a reduction of $146,064.80)1/17/20132 Federal Project Director-$146$6456$83773$10536Approved0
701.1 1305Move baseline dates for task 1305-2620 "Fab and deliver OH Mold" (this is a zero cost change) 1/28/20133 Project Manager$6456$83773$10536Approved0
711.7 7400 7710Reduction of 10% in remaining HP support activities and HP direct allocations due to reduced need1/31/20132 Federal Project Director-$133$6322$83639$10670Approved0
721.2 2450Control Account Manager restructuring of job post CAM change. No increase in budget.3/5/20132 Federal Project Director$0$6322$83639$10670Approved0
731.1 1304 8200Move task 1304-1234 "Fab/Del Tooling for Inst Flex Bus Segments" from Control Account 1304 to Control Account 82003 Project Manager$6322$83639$106700
741.2 2480 S-FLIP Port Installation and Reinforcement3/1/20132 Federal Project Director$165$6487$83804$10505Approved0
751.1 1200 NOT USED$6487$83804$105050
761.1 1001Adjust the baseline dates of various future tasks in job 1001 CS Plasma Facing Components (small cost increase due to tasks pushed into FY14)3/21/20132 Federal Project Director$3$6490$83807$10502Approved0
771.8 8200 In Control Account 8200 add additional scope for installation of umbrella arch reinforcements which is not included in the existing estimate.3/19/20132 Federal Project Director$74$6564$83881$10428Approved0
781.1 1300 1305Updated resources added for Control Account 1305 to cover the VPI's through the full TF. Added resources for Commissioning of the OH Winding Station. Additional resources added to the LOE job 1300 to cover Engineering Support and Drafting/Title III support.3/22/20132 Federal Project Director$476$7040$84357$9952Approved0
791.1 1200 In Control Account 1200. The bolted connection between the lower lid and the pedestal require re-design and analysis.4/19/20132 Federal Project Director$8$7048$84365$9944Approved0
801.8 8250Delete Planning Package 8250-PP01A "CS Analysis Update". This scope is not needed in this Control Account.4/25/20132 Federal Project Director-$49$6999$84316$9993Approved0
811.1 1306Delete current task 1306-5050A for the PF Coil Procurement and replace with new task 1306-5050B which shows the current contract price/schedule.4/26/20132 Federal Project Director-$19$6980$84297$10012Approved0
821.1 1300Budgeted time required for Control Account 1300 task 1300-0012 Engineering Support needs to be increased 300 hrs. per month through Sept. 2013.5/9/20132 Federal Project Director$388$7368$84685$9624Approved0
831.1 1200 In Control Account 1200: Analysis details of bolted connections, fatigue considerations and installation conditions require hardware changes.2 Federal Project Director$21$7389$84706$9603Not yet submitted for Approval0
841.2 2450 The winning bid for the NBI Pipeline construction contract was $668,210. This is more than the $500,000 originally estimated by $168,210. Plus, due to safety concern for this complex construction activity, 1 PPPL personnel is decided to monitor and assist the contractor activities at all times, in addition to the supervision by Technical Rep, QC and ES&H.5/15/20132 Federal Project Director$223$7612$84929$9380Approved0
851.8 1.2 1.1 1302 2490 8200 8250Additional tasks required in Control Account 8250 required for the re-assembly of the Centerstack and Installation into NSTX. These tasks are off-set by several tasks being deleted in Control Accounts 1302, 2490 and 8200.6/3/20132 Federal Project Director$1$7614$84931$9378Approved0
861.5 5200This ECP is a re-planning of the remaining tasks for Control Account 5200. The remaining tasks represent a reduction in cost to complete the DCPS work scope.5/30/20132 Federal Project Director-$162$7452$84769$9540Approved0
871.2 2480 Delete unnecessary tasks from Control Account 2480. Add new steps for the fabrication, testing, and assembly of the Transition Duct.6/3/20132 Federal Project Director-$23$7429$84746$9563Approved0
881.1 1200 In Control Account 1200: Require high strength hardware for all Umbrella Upper/Lower Lid Connections requiring and increase in M&S for these tasks.6/18/20132 Federal Project Director$7429$84746$9563Approved0
891.1 1305In job 1305 add two additional tasks. 1) Additional OH conductor 2) Provide dehumidifier for CS HiBay6/18/20132 Federal Project Director$31$7460$84777$9532Approved0
901.7 7200Additional additional task to Control Account 7200 to cover the estimated costs of attending the SOFE Conference6/26/20132 Federal Project Director$142$7602$84919$9390Approved0
911.3 3300Control Account 3300: Purchase additional bakeout system power supplies/accessories9/13/20132 Federal Project Director$81$7683$85000$9309Approved0
921.5 5200Control Account 5200 requires additional scope to support: 1) Computer Division Support Activities, 2) Additional Computer Division project oversight, 3) Evaluation of additional scope requirements, and 4) Additional software design.7/31/20132 Federal Project Director$45$7728$85045$9264Approved0
931.2 2425 2450Change the Control Account Manager for Control Accounts 2425 and 2450 from Neway Atnafu to Mark Cropper7/23/20133 Project Manager$7728$85045$9264Approved0
941.5 5501Increased budget need on several activities in Control Account 5501 as a result of a bottom up estimate. The estimate was completed after the design maturity has increased which has given a clearer picture of the man-power and procurement needs for the Control Account future activities.8/21/20132 Federal Project Director$146$7874$85191$9118Approved0
951.1 1002PCHERS passive plate design/fabrication9/3/20132 Federal Project Director$357$8231$85548$8761Approved0
961.2 2470 For Control Account 2470 a budget increase is necessary due to sub-contract quotes being more than budgeted cost for activity 247000750 "Installation of 2nd NBI Raceway". 8/21/20132 Federal Project Director$157$8388$85705$8604Approved0
971.1 1300Add additional budget to Control Account 1300 to extend LOE Engineering Support9/30/20132 Federal Project Director$264$8652$85969$8340Approved0
981.1 1200 $8652$85969$83400
991.1 1305The results of a bottom-up estimate and job review for Control Account 1305 added additional scope/budget per attached .pdf.9/30/20132 Federal Project Director$187$8840$86157$8152Approved0
1001.3 1.4 4500Fabricate, install, and test a two turn RWM coil encompassing Bays A & L.2 Federal Project Director$123$8963$86280$8029Not yet submitted for Approval0
1011.8 8250Additional scope required in Control Account 8250 to prepare/install the Outer TF flex joints. This work will require the fabrication of 72 unique spacers to connect the OTF flex joints.2 Federal Project Director$215$9178$86495$7814Not yet submitted for Approval0
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