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NSTX Center Stack Upgrade Calculations (NSTXU)
NSTXU Final Design Review Calculation Summary (May 2011)
NOTE:  Original NSTX Project Calculations found at:
WBS WAF's Originator Calculation Number/Revision Subject Finalized? Proposed Reviewer(s) Ready for FDR?
1  - Torus Systems              

Global Model - Description, Mesh Generation, and Results

1000 & 1206



NSTXU-CALC-10-01-02 (Unsigned) --Was formerly NSTX-CALC 13-01-01

Global Model - Description, Mesh Generation, and Results --

  • Torques to Lids & TF Teeth

  • Legs & Brace Hilti's

  • Full Load Inventory

  • Pedistal Loads

Updated Calc Needed

Zolfaghari & Smith  
Seismic Analysis  


NSTXU-CALC-10-02-00 Calculate  the response of  the NSTX upgrade to a a seismic event and qualify the NSTX upgrade tokamak to the standards set for the project by the DOE In final review  Titus  
Design Point Spreadsheet  


NSTXU-CALC-10-03-00     Various People  
11- Plasma Facing Components              
First Wall Heat Balance 1206 & 3200 Brooks NSTXU-CALC-11-01-00 Heat Balance -- Includes:
  • Size of Cooling Capabilities
  • Divertor Tile Thermal Stresses
In final review  Zhang  

First Wall General Tile Program

1001 Boales NSTXU-CALC-11-02-00 => SUPERSEDED BY CALCS 11-03 & 11-04 General Tile Program -- Inlcudes:
  • Inner CS Casing Tile Stress

First Wall Final Tile Stress Analyses (ATJ Tiles)

1001 Tresemer NSTXU-CALC-11-03-00 DRAFT     ??  
Fastener Analysis 1001 Brooks NSTXU-CALC-11-04-00 => COMBINED WITH CALC-11-03        
12 - Vacuum Vessel/Supports              
Disruption Analysis of VV & Passive Plates 1002 Avasarala (R0)/Titus (R1) NSTXU-CALC-12-01-00 (Unsigned) Disruption Analysis Of Vacuum Vessel Updated Calc Needed Zhai  

Dome/PF Stresses

1200 Titus NSTXU-CALC-12-02-00 => DELETED. PART OF CALC-12-07         

Opera 2D Analysis

1202 Titus NSTXU-CALC-12-03-00  Using the 2D results to drive 3D analysis In final review  Brooks   
PF2 & PF3 Bolting, Bracket, & Weld Stress 1203 Titus NSTXU-CALC-12-04-00  Analysis of PF2 & PF3 Bolts, Brackets, & Weld Stresses In final review - Missing Calc Zatz   
PF4 & PF5 Support Analysis 1208 Titus NSTXU-CALC-12-05-00  PF4 & PF% Supports Stress Analysis In final review  Zatz  
Aluminum Block Analysis 1204 Titus NSTXU-CALC-12-06-00  Qualify the Aluminum Block Bolting for upgrades and modifications proposed for the NSTX CS Upgrade In final review  - Need Checker Assigned ??  
Umbrella Reinforcement Details 1205 Zhang NSTXU-CALC-12-07-00 DRAFT


In final review  Zhang   
Lid & Spoke Assumbly, Upper & Lower 1205 Titus/Smith NSTXU-CALC-12-08-00      ??


Pedestal Analysis 1205 Titus/Smith NSTXU-CALC-12-09-00    In final review  ??


13 - Magnets              
130- General              
Global Model - Description, Mesh Generation, and Results     NSTX-CALC-13-01-01 => Relabeled to NSTXU-CALC-10-01-02 above        

Maximum and Minimum Loads on the NSTX OH and PF Coils, and Coil Groupings

    NSTX-CALC-13-02-00 => (Relabeled to NSTXU-CALC-10-01-02 above        
NSTX Force Influence Matrix   Hatcher NSTXU_CALC-13-03-01 Updated NSTX Force Influence Matrix In final review  Titus  
DCPS TF Inner Leg Torsional Shear Stress 5200 Woolley & Titus NSTXU-CALC-13-04-00 


DCPS Moment Influence Coefficients 5200 Woolley & Titus NSTXU-CALC-13-05-00  Calculation of the  moment influence coefficients to be applied to the PF currents In final review    Hatcher  
131 - Poloidal Field Coils              
Analysis of NSTXU Poloidal Field Coils (June 26, 2009 design)   Woolley

NSTXU-CALC-131-01-00 =>


Poloidal Magnetic Quantities  for the February 2010 Provisional Design of the NSTX CS Upgrade   Woolley

NSTXU-CALC-131-01-00 =>



Poloidal Magnetic Quantities  for the May 2010 Provisional Design   Woolley NSTXU-CALC-131-03-00 Update of the analysis of poloidal magnetic fields and fluxes in (NSTXU CSU) In final review    Titus  
132 - Toroidal Field Coils              

Coupled Electromagnetic-Thermal Diffusion Analysis

  Titus NSTXU-CALC-132-01-00



Coupled Electromagnetic-Thermal Analysis (04202009)

  Titus NSTXU-CALC-132-02-00



Out-Of-Plane (OOP) PF/TF Torques on TF Conductors in NSTX NSTXU

  Woolley NSTXU-CALC-132-03-00  (Update Needed) Should also Includes:
  • Torque Equations for the Design Point
YES, but update needed ??  

Analysis of TF Outer Leg

  Zhang NSTXU-CALC-132-04-01 (Update in Works)

Analysis of TF Outer Leg:

  • Loads at Knuckle Clevis

  • Loads & Moments on Ring

  • Outer Leg Insulation Bond Stress

  • Umbrella Reinforcement

Update in Works


TF Coupled Thermo Electromagnetic Diffusion Analysis

  Zhang NSTXU-CALC-132-05-01

TF Coupled Thermo Electromagnetic Diffusion Analysis

  • Cooldown of Flex

  • Benchmark of I^2t Calcs

  • TF Peak Temps at Corner


Zhai YES

TF Flex Joint and TF Bundle Stub

  Willard NSTXU-CALC-132-06-01   TF Flex Joint and TF Bundle Stub

Will include:

  • Joint Electrical Contact Resistance
  • Flex Stress for Inplane and OOP Loads
  • DLF for Disruption


Zolfaghari YES

Maximum TF Torsional Shear

  Titus NSTXU-CALC-132-07-00 Maximum TF Torsional Shear In final review  Woolley  
   TF Flag Key 1304 Zolfaghari NSTXU-CALC-132-08-00 Determination of shear Forces Between the  TF conductors and Insulation and the G-10 Insulating Crown.
  • TF Teeth & Collar Stresses
Analysis of Knuckle Clevis 1201 Titus NSTXU-CALC-132-09-00  Analysis of stresses on knuckle clevis   Zhang  

TF Cooldown Using FCOOL

1201 Zolfaghari NSTXU-CALC-132-10-00  Estimate tof he cooling time and temperature of the TF inner leg during the cooling period between discharges YES - APPROVED  Kalish YES

Ring Bolted Joint

1201 Rogoff NSTXU-CALC-132-11-00 

This analysis is performed in order to check and design the joint integrity by selecting and specifying the necessary bolts

133 - Center Stack              

Structural Analysis of the PF1 Coils & Supports

  Myatt NSTXU_CALC-133-01-00

(Update in Works)

Structural Analysis of the PF1 Coils & Supports

Update in Process Khodak  
Thermal Stresses on OH-TF Coils   Avasarala



Calculation of Thermal Stresses In final review  Titus  
Center Stack Casing Disruption Inductive and Halo Current Loads 1307 Titus NSTXU-CALC-133-03-00 Center Stack Casing Disruption Inductive and Halo Current Loads In final review  ??  
OH Preload System & Belleville Spring Design 1302 Rogoff


* Note: P Titus signed calc in place of J. Chrzanowski

OH Preload System and Bellville Spring Design


Kozub via Test



Halo Current Analyses of Center Stack Casing

1307 Brooks


Calculate the transient halo current distribution in the CS

In final review Titus  
OH Coolant Hole Optimization 1305 Zolfaghari NSTXU-CALC-133-06-00 estimate the temperature rise in the OH coil during the discharge and to estimate cooling time between discharges

In final review

OH Lead Analysis 1305 Khodak NSTXU-CALC-133-07-00      ??  
OH Stress Analysis 1305 Zolfaghari NSTXU-CALC-133-08-00    In final review Dahlgren  
OH Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics 1305 Feng & Titus NSTXU-CALC-133-09-00

OH Conductor Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics Analyses

Center Stack Casing Bellows 1307 Rogoff & Brooks NSTXU-CALC-133-10-00
  • CS Casing Halo Inductive & Resistive Loads

  • CS Casing Static & Dynamic Loads


OH & PF1 Electromagnetic Stability Analysis

1307 Titus & Zolfaghari NSTXU-CALC-133-11-00  Demonstrate that the structural elements that center the centerstack are stiff enough to overcome magnetic instabilites between the OH and PF1a, and b which are mounted on the centerstack casing In final review Fan  
Center Stack Manufacturing Fixture     NSTXU-CALC-133-12-00        
Modal Analysis and Normal Operation Transient Load Effects  


2 - Plasma Heating & Current Drive              

Vessel Port Re-Work for NB & Thomson Scattering Port



NSTXU-CALC-24-01-00 Includes:
  • Neutral Beam Reinforcement
  • Thomson Scattering Port



Zolfaghari YES

Armor Backing Plate

2460 Bryant NSTXU-CALC-24-02-00 Includes:
  • Disruption Loading
  • Thermal Stress Analysis
YES - APPROVED Zatz & Titus YES 

HHFW Antenna

  Zhang NSTXU-CALC-24-03-01


  • Verification  of the eddy current effect on antenna during plasma disruption.

  • Then was modified to simulate plasma disruption case for NSTX upgrade. Only mid-plane disruption is considered and VDE is not included.


Turbo Pump Magnetic Shielding Analysis

2485 ZhaI NSTXU-CALC-24-04-00 Includes 3D analysis for the design opf the magnetic shield for the NSTXU Turbor Pumps. YES - APPROVED  Zolfaghari YES 
3 - Auxiliary Systems              
4 - Plasma Diagnostics              

Diagnostic Review & Database

2300 Boales NSTXU-CALC-40-01-00   MISSING CALC Zhai  
5 - Power Systems              
Bus Bar Analysis  


NSTXU-CALC-55-01-00 Documented Structural Analysis of PF1, TF, and OH bus bars In final review Zhang  
6 - Central I&C Systems              
7 - Project Management  & Physics              
71 - Project Mgmt & Integration              
72 - Project Physics              

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